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Aug 08

Is an interim the option?

So Q3 is nearly in the books and it’s time for us all to forget about our holidays and barbecues! The summer has been great but we now
need to turn our attentions to Q4 and work. No doubt we will be imminently bombarded by messages telling us that there are only 198 shopping days to go until Christmas! So before that happens let’s prepare to get the job done.

So the question you need to ask yourself is are we prepared, from a staff point of view, to tackle the upcoming challenges? If the answer is no then it could be time to get an interim in place? Here at Red Diamond we see more and more seasoned professionals taking the interim route these days as a way to pass on their wealth of knowledge and keep their career fresh and exciting.

Also from a business perspective it can be a great alternative in getting “the ship in order” without being tied to an employee with a high salary. An interim can be used to up-skill existing members of staff or help the company improve certain business process’s. Some companies we are working with are using interim’s to fill the void until their next “rare gem” is in place. If this was a Sales Director position imagine the money they could lose by not acting.

Whichever way you look at it an interim can be a very viable option to get the ball rolling. Can you afford to not consider this?

P.S It’s actually 138 shopping days until Christmas!!