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Aug 28

Learn from yesterday, Live for today, Hope for tomorrow (Albert Einstein)

So you cut salaries instead of jobs during the ‘deepest recession since world war II’. The good news is you kept your business afloat and people kept their jobs. Now, in 2014, according to pretty much all global statistics we are out of recession and in fact some companies are posting some pretty impressive financial results.

The question is what has the recession done to our mindset? Are you getting greedy and not reinvesting back into your ‘people’, did you offer a pay rise / bonus to those who have outperformed, or are you still licking your pre recession wounds despite the fact your bank balance is looking healthier than ever?

Don’t be complacent, taking advantage of people who have helped your business survive is not a good tactic and as the economy becomes more buoyant so does our confidence. Employees are not afraid to ask for more and if they are not rewarded adequately the end is inevitable.

Are you struggling to attract top talent into your company or even worse are you beginning to lose good people and don’t know why?? Maybe we have answered your question. In reverse are you out of work and struggling to find a suitable position – are your expectations beyond those of your new potential employer?

We all have learnt harsh lessons from the economic crisis but use these lessons to move forward – don’t live in the past its conducive to nothing.