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Apr 08

Over qualified. Is there such a thing?



So let me paint a picture. We manage to find the perfect candidate for a vacancy we are working on. This candidate has worked in the industry for 15 years has a Bachelors degree as well as an MBA from London Business School. In their current role they have increased productivity by 35% and turned the company from making a loss to turning a profit within 18 months. As Head Hunters we have sold the opportunity and the candidate is open to hear more from the horse’s mouth, the client that is!

So what could go wrong?

Client: He is over qualified for the position they will get bored and leave.I’m not interested in seeing them.

Of course there is always going to be anxiety when looking to hire heavy hitters within the industry, but if this is what your brief outlines then why aren’t you going to take the time to take this further? As head hunters we have already told them warts and all about the business and they are obviously interested in the role or they wouldn’t have entertained moving forward in the process. Just because the candidate seems too good for the position, or the company, in your eyes doesn’t mean they don’t have their own reasons for wanting to take a position at your company. It may be financial, location, the challenge… whatever the reasons may be.

Don’t sell yourself short and take the opportunity.

‘Cos I bet Doncaster Rovers would love to have Christiano Ronaldo playing football for them, even if it is only for 2 seasons!!!